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Updated: May 20, 2021

Foraging Dandelions on Alpine pasture

These are the 3 mistakes to avoid when you are making dandelion honey

1. Washing the dandelions before cooking

Washing the dandelions before cooking reduces the amount of pollen. You are simply washing off the most valuable ingredient. Most of the health benefitting properties of the dandelion is in the pollen!

To do it properly, find dandelions that are growing away from any pollution, bring them home, spread them on a flattened cardboard box, wait approximately 2 hrs. This wait gives any bugs a chance to run away. After this you can then cook the dandelions.

You can find my full recipe here.

2. Picking closed Dandelions

Picking the dandelions at the wrong time of day is another mistake. Dandelion flowers close for the night protecting the pollen and giving some bugs a shelter. It takes a few hours in the morning for them to open so the best time to forage is in the early afternoon when they are fully open in the sunshine. Avoid foraging during the rainy days and days just after as the pollen will be washed away. Give the flower time to “dry” and produce fresh new pollen!

3. Adding the wrong type and amount of sugar

The type and amount of sugar is important. Sugar is a preservative. If you would like to enjoy Dandelion Honey for longer its worth to do it properly.

First of all choose the right sugar. Sweeteners (sugar free) like Xylitol or Stevia won’t preserve the honey. Also they will change the taste. However you can choose a healthier version to refined white sugar, for example beetroot sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar etc...

The right amount of sugar is important too. Not enough won’t preserve the honey but too much will kill the lovely flowery taste and it won’t be as healthy!


  1. Forage dandelions away from any pollution so you don’t have to wash them.

  2. Pick them on sunny days in the early afternoon.

  3. Choose wisely the type of sugar to preserve your golden goodness for longer and stay healthy and enjoy the health benefits.

Share your experience of making honey here!

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You can check my Dandelion Honey recipe here or watch the video below!

Good luck

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