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8 Alpine Dottea's


I have created 8 blends of tea. I carefully choose each ingredient to maximise health benefits, taste, aroma and appearance.


Most of the ingredients in my teas come from French Alpine meadows away from any pollution. All of them are caffeine free, organic, handpicked, local and waste free.

I carefully choose and pick each individual herb, to provide the highest quality tea. I care for the plants and the surrounding environment.

Recycled packaging

I don't want to contribute to the production of waste so I recycle my packaging. I use bags made from recycled material which I then encourage people to return, reuse or repurpose.

Tea bags are made from wood pulp filter paper, unbleached, non-toxic, treated by UV sterilization and infrared drying. They are compostable!

There is a string to prevent any loose leaves from escaping, hassle-free, mess-free.

Enjoy loose leaf tea anywhere and anytime, brew loose leaf tea quickly and easily with virtually no clean-up

The Tea boxes are repurposed wine cases - deconstructed, recut, reassembled and decorated.

Each bag, box and jar is recyclable, special and unique.


This tea is specially created for women to help with menstruation pains and menopause symptoms.


This tea is created to help you with an upset stomach and improve your digestion. Perfect after meals.


This tea is created to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and help your body to recuperate and protect you from viruses


This tea tastes like your favorite dessert! Delicious


This tea is created to warm you up from inside out. Perfect for those cold winter days.


This tea is created to help you relax, get rid of headaches and get better sleep


This tea is absolutely delicious! Is full of the sweet and sour flavour of lemons, oranges and lovely lemon verbena. 


The juicy sweet and zesty blend of red fruits.


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